The Shu-Shan Blues

Parody of Empty Bed Blues by Howard Worona.

The author of this song would be delighted if others sang the song; please include the author's name in any reproduction.

Oh in the land of Shu Shan was a man named Mordechai (2)
He was Esther's cousin... a real nice Jewish guy.

There was a guy named Haman, an anti-semite fool (2)
He tried to rid the kingdom of the Jews under Shu Shan rule

Now King Achashverosh wasn't known for an agile brain (2)
He dumped Queen Vashti 'cause he thought she was a pain

Now Esther entered a contest & became the King's new Queen(2)
'cause she did aerobics and she only ate Lean Cuisine

Now as Haman plotted, Morchechai he overheard (2)
He told Queen Esther that Haman was a nerd

Oh the Queen passed the message to the King upon his throne (2)
And King Achashverosh got Haman on his princess phone

"Get down here mister," into that phone he sang (2)
"You messed with the Jews and now you're gonna hang"

So lets have a party grab a horn and a grogger too (2)
It's a celebration... a victory for the Jews ..............Oh yeah!

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