Haman and the Rope Real High

Parody of Charlie and the MTA by Howard Worona.

The author of this song would be delighted if others sang the song; please include the author's name in any reproduction.

Oh let me tell you a story of a man named Haman
And a kingdom of long ago
He was out for power; at the Jews he was aimin'
Achashverosh would never know

Will Haman every return? No he'll never return
Thanks to Esther and Mordechai
Lost his quest for power in his final hour
As he swung on rope real high.

Achashverosh was a lush; had a brain of mush
Loved to party instead of rule
Queen Vashti was sick of his womanizing schtick
But she couldn't get through to that fool

While the king was busy drinking, Haman got to thinking
Why not get rid of all the Jews?
He was a truely sinister evil Prime Minister;
He figured his plan couldn't lose.

While Haman got to scheming the king was busy dreaming
'bout a party with wine and food
But Vashti said "forget it" and the King said "you'll regret it,
I won't put up with your bad mood!"

Now Haman spread the news "let's annihilate the Jews"
In his quest for power and fame
While the King told his wife to get a new life;
Her replacement would soon be named

Now Esther claimed the post as the King's wife and hostess;
He was taken with her grace and charm
While cousin Mordechai kept a watchful eye
To ensure there would be no harm

Esther's cousin overhead and to Esther got the word
That Haman was up to no good
When Esther told the King "Haman's doin' his thing!"
The King said "not in my neighborhood!"

So every year at Purim when you nash on hamantaschen
In the shape of Haman's hat
Remember as you eat the story of defeat
And some Jews who beat that rat.

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