We'll Forever Return

Sung to the tune of Get Charlie off the MTA

Parody by Steve Heller, 18 May 2007
For Arvind's Sixtieth Birthday


Will we ever return? We'll forever return!
Our lessons we have learned (from Arvind!).
We will hack forever in the Dataflow Pipeline,
And for Arvind we'll forever return.

We arrived in Boston at the Kendall Square station,
And asked, "Where's MIT?"
The conductor told us, "That way fellas ...


First the Boss [1] succeeded, then the Bob [2] completed,
And then emerged the Ken [2].
And in one explosion four [3] more went in motion,
But ... that will never happen again!


Now you know the story of a dataflow hacker,
The one we've come to see.
We will always return to the Boss and our Home,
That is: Arvind and M. I. T. !!!


[1] Keshav Pingali was the first to get his PhD. He finished to escape an unpleasant office-mate.

[2] Bob Iannucci and Ken Traub graduated next to lose themselves in industry thus doubling the initial release rate of PhD tokens.

[3] The cardinality of the third group was four: David Culler, Steve Heller, Greg Papadopoulos, and Richard Soley. The annual doubling of the PhD token release rate continued, but it proved to be a difficult problem much like controlling unfolding parallelism in a dataflow graph.

This and several other silly songs, as well as Ken and Pam's Wild Rice Recipe can be found here: http://www.hellers.ws/notes/

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