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Martial Arts have been an enormous part of my life. I share my experience with images and prose. I hope you enjoy reading these stories them as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

This is a long term project that I estimate is half completed.

Now that many years have passed since I began this project, it seems unlikely that I will ever finish, so ... please send me your ideas, whether they be additions, corrections, or suggestions to me at: my-first-name [at-sign] hellers [dot] ws. One of the nicest aspects of this project is that I've gotten in touch with old friends, met new people, and even connected together people I did not know.

MIT Summer Camp ran for seven years: 1985-1991

MIT Camp 3: 31 July - 2 August 1987

Chuck Brotman teaches side kicks.


Edgar Serringer spars with Mike Even.

Chuck and side kicks, round 2

Edgar, Mark Miller, and Steve Heller follow Chuck's lead.

Mike Nussbaum, Rick Renwick, Steve, Eddy Tan, and Mitch Rosenberg practice self defense.

3D pyramid power: Andy Dvorkin sits atop the world. Heading their levels (going down) are Liz Miller, Gene Cohen, and Irwin Jungreis.

Chuck leads the parade.

And they all fall down.

Chuck and Liz demonstrate double basics.

Back Row: Camila Chavez, ??, Peter Lawless, Eddy Tan, Mitch Rosenberg, ?(Harvard), Rob Shaver, Rick Renwick, Mike Even, Poh Lim, ??.

Middle Row: Ian Taylor and Gene Cohen, Mike Nussbaum, Chuck Brotman, Bob Dvorkin, Steve Heller, ??, Karl Whitehead, Edgar Serringer, Liz Miller, ??, Glenn Sacks, ?(RI)

Front Row: Dave Schulman, Ann Becker, Chris Young, Pete Holst, Josie McAuliffe, Beth Kulas, Susan Hardy, Toai Doan.

MIT Camp 5: July 1989

Bob Dvorkin leads basics.

Beth Kulas kicks Ted Hillson one way ... and another.

Mike Nussbaum exchanges side kicks with Ki Sung Mun.

We always had a bit of fun along with the hard work. Robert Klein and Chris Dennis are on parade. We formed a standing pyramid; Ki Sung Mun is on top of the world supported directly by Lim and Chris Young. Scott Zimmerman is at the root of all evil.

Playing "I see a bear" are: ?(Pok), ?, Mike Strange, Robert Klein, Chris Dennis, Mark Weiner, and Steve Heller.

Saturday night BBQ Party

Bob Dvorkin, Scott Zimmerman, and Jon Litt

Dave Schulman, Ted Hillson, and Pete Michaelson

Back row: Mike Nussbaum, Jill Damashek (hiding), Poh Lim, ?(NJ), Robert Klein, Jon Litt, Ian Taylor Dave Schulman, Josie McAuliffe

Third Row: Mike Conboy, Stan Oda, Dave Mayes, Beth Kulas, Crestena Calkins, Gene Cohen, Scott Zimmerman.

Second Row: ?(Pok), ?(Harvard), ?, Eugene Ohr, Bob Dvorkin, Steve Heller, EJ Edwards, Andy Dvorkin, Mark Miller

Front Row: Mark Weiner, Chris Dennis, Peter Everett, Rick Renwick, Liz Miller

ETKDU Fall Camps: 1988 - 20??

Bob Dvorkin and Ted Hillson held fall camp begining in 1988 at Bear Mountain.

September 1989: Fall Camp 2

September 2005: Fall Camp 18

WTKDA Summer Black-Belt Camp: 1991-20??

Mr. Son held summer Black-Belt Camp beginning in 1991 at the Storm King School.

Photos to appear.

Peter Everett wrote an open letter about his experiences at the WTKDA summer camp.

Martial Arts: Steve's Story - Timeline - People - Schools - Organizations
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