Hacker's Song

Sung to the tune of Monty Python's Lunber-Jack Song

(with some apologies to Dan Touretzky and Dan Libes, from whom the basic idea for the song and some lyrics are stolen)
(with no apologies whatsoever to Monty Python)


I'm a hacker and I'm ok,
I work all night and I sleep all day,
I eat my lunch, I write my specs,
I climb on 2-3 trees.

I like to chat with nerds,
When I am at the bar,
I want to ba a hacker,
Just like my dear Pa-par.

I love to stay up hacking,
Late into the night,
I hastle novice hackers,
They never get it right.

On Tuesdays I go shopping,
For micros and for tapes,
When I get home I make lunch,
Of peanut butter crepes.

I'd like to see Athena,
But only if it works,
For Joel must learn to get by,
All the guano and and the quirks.

I wrote some hacks for EDSAC,
They modify each other,
They're truly Wheeler cludges,
For I could be his brother.

I wrote some hacks in Pascal,
Jensen's device I use,
Don't try to understand them,
Or you will get the screws.

I worte some hacks in lisp,
Parenthesis galore,
When I can understand them,
I will write some more.

I wrote some hacks in APL,
Each on a singe line,
They're mutually recursive,
And run in n-squared time.

I wrote some hacks in CLU,
They're totally secure,
You cannot get an error
They've lost all their allure.

I wrote some hacks in Id,
Functional of course,
But there's no place to run them,
That's my only remorse.

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