Susan's Flashlight Time Capsule

Dear Susan, you wrote this 10 years ago. Oh and remeber, DON'T smoke Snowflake is 1 year old. My friends are Julia, Alyssia, Tim, Anthony, Steven, Ilana, Megan, Jenny Danielle, Alexandr, Marissia (Ris) Some of the pets are Flipper and 30 snials Love Susan

Dear Susan,

On 3 July 2006, I found the above note written on a one inch by eleven inch strip of white paper wrapped around a AA battery inside a small black flashlight. You seem to have written this note to yourself hoping to find it later. I preserved spelling and the like as best I could. I suspect that we bought the flashlight at a garage sale.

Unfortunately, I have no idea who you are. Perhaps you'll find your note here on the Internet by searching for Susan, Snowflake, and Flipper. Perhaps some day your data will seek out and find you.

Your cyber-friend,

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