Parental Words at Nina's Bat Mitzvah

On December 27th, 2014, Nina was recognized as a Bat Mitzvah, and Deb and Neil addressed her as proud parents. (Deb's words still to be posted ... .)

Neil's Words

It's all about today.

Yesterday happened.
Tomorrow will come.

You remember the past.
You plan for the future.

You woke this morning.
You opened your eyes.
You thought of this moment.
You prepared for this day.

The moment is here.
Take it all in.
It's about now.

Nina - you know about now. You know about today. You take on every task fully engaged and soak in the complete experience from preparation to after the event itself. While you may plan for your tomorrows and remember your yesterdays, you bring so much love, compassion, and most importantly yourself into today and every day.

Your becoming a Bat-Mitzvah is all about this moment.

This moment will pass and become one of many wonderful experiences in your life ahead.

As you take your place in our community, who you are is not about what you've done, or who you will be, it's about here and now and what you do each day.

You are a wonderful amazing person and I love you very much.

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