Acharai!: Presenting a Bar Mitzvah Gift to Jacob Laufer

At Jacob Laufer's Bar Mitzvah (8 September 2007), Steve presented the Brotherhood gift.

[Sing] Mi-saviv yahom ha-sa`ar
Ach roshenu lo yishach
Lifkuda tamid anachnu tamid
Anu anu

This is שיר הפלמ"ח the marching song of the פלמ"ח, an elite division of the הגנה which helped establish the State of Israel. The motto of the פלמ"ח is Acharai! --- Follow me! In the פלמ"ח, squad leaders established the practice of leading the charge into battle, not a widely adopted military strategy. The first into battle are at the greatest risk, and most armies seek to protect leaders over their reports. But this practice of leadership was broadly adopted by the צה"ל, the modern Israel Defense Force, and it engenders great loyalty. Leading by example.

Jacob: You are a leader and a mensh, a good person. You are the kind of person one wants at one's side and watching one's back. You lead by example. How did that happen? You were taught by example.

As you lead your life, I encourage you to call out, "Acharai!" You recently joined Prozdor, and soon you will be a leader there. When you lead an activity, get it going with a call of Acharai! Acharai, Yakov! Acharai! Live your life by example, as your parents do, and as you have been shown by Saba v'Safta z"l and your grandmother. Be a leader in the spirit of the פלמ"ח.

On behalf of the Brotherhood, מזל טוב Jacob. מזל טוב to you and the whole Laufer-Brown mishpocha.

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