Naches: Neil Heller's 40th Birthday

To celebrate Neil's 40th birthday, Nagypapa donned his Naches T shirt, a gift from a member of his Thursday afternoon Linux class, brought back from the homeland (New York) so Nagypapa could rejoice and celebrate occasions of special joy.

The following message was read by Nagymama at a surprise birthday party for Neil.

In many cultures, for important concepts, there is a special word, or a special expression. To the Eskimos snow is important. There are probably some 50 different words in the Eskimos' language to describe snow. For those who are potato lovers, there are many different words for potatoes. In the Ashkenazi Jewish culture, the tradition of central and eastern European Jews, there is a very special word: Naches. It describes the joy parents feel, when they contemplate how wonderful their children are.

Naches is significantly enhanced when children follow in the family tradition, and are successful in their endeavors. On your 40th birthday, Neil, your parents experience the greatest degree of Naches.

Your paternal grandfather was the son of a very poor widow. He became a successful business man, an educated person, and an excellent salesman. You fulfilled his fondest wish. You stand out in your education and in your skills in selling.

Your maternal grandfather was a phenomenal engineer. Indeed, you have an outstanding engineering education, background and skills. You had many contacts with both your grandmothers. They loved you very much and over the years shared with you much of their wisdom.

Your parents value community participation and you have become a leading member of your community. You have even brought your parents the joy of first love. When we first met Debbie, it was love at first sight. We thought she was wonderful then, and after all these years, we think she is even more wonderful today. We also love Marsha and Joe, two very special people. We delight in the blessings of three wonderful grandchildren, Sam, Eva and Nina. Naches, more Naches, and even more Naches.

Who can describe the joy of seeing your child succeed, grow and advance, surrounded by love, caring, understanding and respect? Neil, you are there when it matters and your advice is well thought out and circumspect. How wonderful that we can glow in the joy of your greatest accomplishment: that when all is said and done, you are a real Mentsch, a good and decent, caring human being.

May your blessings continue for many happy years to come.

Neil, we love you very much.

Your Mom and Dad
San Carlos, California

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