Nagypapa Climbs to 82

In honor of Nagypapa's 82nd birthday, the grandchildren gave him a new rock climbing safety harness that he used for a birthday climb.

Nagypapa wrote this thank you note to the grandchildren.

Dear Grandchildren,

Thank you for all your beautiful cards and thoughtful messages for my 82nd birthday. It was wonderful to hear your voices, and have a chance to talk with each of you. I love you all, each and every one of you, very, very much.

The website celebrated my birthday with a picture of me at the top of the Palo Alto Family YMCA rock climbing wall. I was attached to a safety rope, which was attached to a brand new safety harness. When Nagymama gave it to me, she told me that the new harness was a surprise birthday present from my grandchildren. What a perfect birthday present! It is exactly what I wanted!

Ever since I started climbing the rock wall six years ago, I was thinking about getting my own harness. With your special birthday gift, my wish was fulfilled. It is a very good and comfortable harness. I like it very much!

On the top of the rock wall there is a sign; “IT’S POSSIBLE” and covered up, to the right the sign continues: “to reach the top.” I made that sign to remind me that, when the climbing gets difficult (and sometimes it does), I remember that “It’s possible,” and that I have done it many times before. It is possible, but I have to make the effort, if I want to get to the top of the wall.

The words “It’s Possible” have been with me for many, many years. And they continue to help me when times get difficult.

The photo on the web site also had a message: It said “Keep on climbing, George, Happy 82nd birthday.” This week, when I climbed the wall, I remembered the climbing birthday parties several of us shared in the last six years.

What a great blessing it is to have such wonderful grandchildren who exercise with me to help keep me healthy and bring love, joy and caring into my life. In the Jewish tradition, there is a special word that describes the joy grandparents feel when they are proud of their grandchildren. The word is Naches. Indeed, your surprise birthday gift brought me lots and lots of Naches. I am reminded of your love every time I climb the wall and wear this safety harness.

And thank you, Nagymama for taking the pictures, processing them for the Internet and taking care of all the many details of celebrating my 82nd birthday. And thank you, Steve bacsi, for putting all this on our web site.

Thank you all. I love you very, very much.

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