Five-Star Level Fives

Sung to the tune of 1985

Written by Shari and Kelly for the 2005 Five-Star Gymnastics Year-End Banquet

Steve just hit the wall
He never had it all
One flipped out day
Coaching kids each way

Christalle's out the door
When she turns 24
She has one man
Dave is her plan

We are the gymnasts
We are the stars
Were gonna squeeze our butts!
Were gonna flip off bars!

Lindsey and Emmalee
They are the dancing queens
They are the only ones
Who have the awesome groove!


Since there's beam, and bars
If we even get that far
There's floor x, and vaulting
Going to states and placing
All the girls, in collage
They graduated from 5*
But they're still preoccupied
`Cause we are, we are, the 5* level 5s!

We know all our basics
We do them all the time
Round-offs back handsprings
And all those twisty things

Karen and Adrienne
Know how to condition
Push-ups and sit-ups,
Frog jumps and pull-ups

Kelly and Suzi
They are great coaches
And I got to tell you
One more quality

When did reality
Become flippy?
Meets and handsprings,
Here we, here we, here we go again!


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