Heller Family Gallery Archive

c. 1968: Grampa with grandchildren Leslie and Neil.

July, 1956: Judy neni and her parents, Manci neni and Bandi bacsi (Andor).

Vera neni and Uncle Hy.

Ignac and Miklos with their families in NYC in the sixties: Josť, Soledad, Gabriel, Salvador, Fernando, and Beatriz.

Michael McAleer in 1947 on a Claude Butler off road track bike, one of a series of bikes hand made by Claude Butler for the 1948 Olympic Games in London, used by the Irish Olympic Team, for which Michael was in the training squad. The wheel size was twenty-eight inch, with cane wheel for grass track, and light steel for normal track. Every Sunday morning they did at least a hundred miles of roadwork, and midweek there were road work trials. An average week was four hundred miles.

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